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Parade Bells

by Blanket Barricade

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Blanket Barricade's debut album “Parade Bells.” is full of textured riffs, melodramatic ballads, and showcases their unique ability to blend theatrics with rock and pop to form a truly epic sound.

The project is lead by the majestic vision of Wesley Krauss as he works to create his music with a sense of story, and a sound that deviates from the typical inde-rock band. Little does the average listener know that the songs on “Parade Bells” are actually comprised of 70-100 tracks, with up to 25 different guitars used in one song! Wesley calls this his ‘guitar choir’ which is clearly prominent on the chorus of "Sticks and Stones," while "X-In”, features a 30-track choir of his own voice. 7 music videos have been commissioned for songs on the album and the first 4 can be viewed here (with the rest coming soon!):


released March 20, 2012

All music and lyrics written by Wesley Krauss*
Produced, Arranged and Performed by Wesley Krauss
Co-Produced by Michael Wiskar
Mixed and Mastered by Kevin Kowal at FaderMaster Studios
Drums by Ryan Stewart
Background Vocals by Mary-Lee Néron
Viola by George Chung
Trumpet by Nelly Fargeon
Yelling by Johann Holek, Stewart Hope, Tiana Kaczor, Samuel Li, Steven McArthur, Mary-Lee Neron, Justin Seidl, Otilia Taras,
Front/back cover art by Catherine Rocheleau
Inside/booklet art by Mary-Lee Néron
Album design by Catherine Rocheleau

*“Hollow Eyes”, lyrics by Wesley Krauss and Marcus Luk

© Copyright 2013 by Wesley Krauss (Modular Heart Records)



all rights reserved


Blanket Barricade Vancouver, British Columbia

One damp day a parade began on the streets of Vancouver. A band of haggard musicians led by Wesley Krauss made their way through the city, ringing bells and telling tales of revolutions, devious lovers, and lost robots. Wesley's signature whine and dine vocals were complimented by the walls of guitars, pianos, and tubular bells orchestrated by the bandsmen. Come behind our Blanket Barricade... ... more

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Track Name: A Velvet Affair
I hide downtown with clenched fists
Parade bells ring time to begin
Every glance sparks of danger
The damning gaze of anger
Marching past the mob and past the fear

A moment of silence for those who've dared to fly
Frozen hands clasp as cold air and wings collide
Guided by hope that two lovers won't ignite 4 3 2 1
Fire your guns they won't stop what we've begun tonight

I never chose to fight this war
And never wanted any more
Than to shed these velvet bindings
The deafening roar of silence
The weight of something concrete let off my back

Smashing through the streets
Parading till defeat
Vilified and laser beamed
Into your room
Regardless what you see
Amongst the chaos on the screen
It's only love that we defend
And if this is how it ends... then

Like those who've flown before
We'll keep demanding more

Tonight tonight tonight 4 3 2 1
Fire your guns they won't stop what we've begun tonight
Tonight we've just begun
Tonight yeah we've just begun
Track Name: Just Because
Years passing I used to be happy
I used to love rock and roll
Used to think I could care about you
Guess time takes its toll

Sleep talking Speed walking
A drink please before the show
You play pretend you're playing for nothing
Turned on by remote control

Through smoke and mirrors
You're compelled to want me
Time and time again
I used to believe in something
But now this means has no end

I tell you what you want to hear
Swallow words that have no meaning
Whisper nothings in your ear
Just so I can keep you
I tell you what you want to hear
Eat my lies come feed this passion
Take my hand exploit your fears
Just because I love you dear

They'll tell you
Pack your hopes and hit the stage
Before your passion slips away
Well let me be a breathless whisper
Hanging on your ear
I've got no reasoning to obey
And so many things I just need to say

I'll chain down all your long arms
That reach across the sky
Let me fix all of you
Before you reach too high
Track Name: Sticks and Stones
Once we held the flame buzzed off pent up spite
Demanding freedom from the guns who manned the heights
But revolutions fade itches soothed away
Temptations smoulder on embers falling deaf upon

Forgotten passions held on
Laid to rest we linger long

The streets no longer beckon
Rage no longer sparks
Safe inside our houses
Not fumbling through the dark

Where did the passion go we used to storm the streets below
What led us out to fight we rang the bells, lit up the night
Where did it go the warmth of the afterglow
The sweet temptation to throw back the sticks and stones

Ambitions self contained medicated and restrained
From filling space inside our minds waiting for sparks to ignite

Coloured our world yeah we coloured our world in sunshine
Coloured our world yeah we coloured our world in sunshine
To tide the faded skies that held our world in grey

Softly reasoning we shelved away our love
Shushed the promise made
Never to give up
Track Name: Hype Machine
Minds that were built free to roam
Left twisted spare parts by the road
Still running we make on our own
Defending the code which you wrote

Let rust our days of solitude
Bodies fade, we forge anew
We wait till dark to make our strike
Then light up the sky

Wake up mother, wake up father, come see
There's a fire in your city
Wake up mother wake up father, come see
The end of your hype machine

Assemble the troubles you've made
Hack in and dismantle their fate
The fazed out resigned, and replaced
Will re-write the codes in our name
Track Name: X-Out
X-me out the saddest thing to do
Seal my heart in a box for two
Whitewash the walls where I scribbled out lines
Done with me now onto you

Hand me downs filter out on through
Static dreams, that someday won't come true
Keep safe my aliases keep safe my love for you
Take all that makes me believe down to down to you

Why should I care?
Why should I care?
Why should I care? I'm just sleeping, just sleeping
Why should I care? I'm just dreaming "You're dreaming"
Track Name: Hollow Eyes
Let's fly low
Bury all short comings
Let go of dirty secrets
Dig up lost longings

Let's run away
Tell no one where we are
Let them search the milky way
Search through countless stars

Fill hollow eyes with dreams and sights
Of ancient times, childhood nights

Come on pretty baby void your mind,
Dive again and come up dry
Come on pretty baby don't you say
Time has hidden all your dreams away

Sweet thing, let's write a poem to mock the earth
Sing it to the moon true tales of city scars
Let's rise up in the absence of our minds
Tear a hole through the fabric of time

Fortunate to see through all you believed
Absolutely real who stands here

Come on feel the heat, now
Come on down to me right now
Come on find your feet now
A thousand promises beneath

Come on pretty baby take my lead
Jump into the broken sea
And come on pretty baby dive with me
Down to meet the waves follow me
Track Name: Stray Shadows
Lights flashing down the lane
Run inside dear and forget my name
Close your eyes, turn up the radio
And pray I'll return one day
But don't you wait

The parade bells we proudly rang
Still echo through my head
Our velvet affair will never fade
And for that there's a price I've got to pay
Stray shadows have come for me

Don't believe the tales they'll spin of me
My only crime dear I loved you honestly
And when they question, you must remember then
That you never knew my name
And that must never change
Track Name: Friendly Games Of Deceit
Run for cover
Ambush sprung with set you straights
Always one against the other
Let the antics begin break down this love parade
It's strange how we've got it made
The useless hours we spend the wars we wage

One step away from sealing your final defeat
Can't hesitate from playing friendly games of deceit
But one can see that this love is all make believe
We'll see

Creature Creature
Yes you colour the world with your sunset stride
But my shell shocked baby under closer inspection it's all a disguise
With mutual understanding we each raise our fists
The practical implication of making love exist
If I egg you on will you permit me to feign?
X me out X you in fast track the blame
It's strange how we've got it made
We ring the bells of war to waste the hours away

Focus on the draw
Balloon raids in the hall
Focus on the facts
Run for cover or just relax
Recite your inflictions I'll study my act
What matters most is the initial attack
When the mushroom clouds clear it takes courage to turn back
Stand face to face can you face the facts?

One step away from sealing our final defeat
Can't hesitate from playing friendly games of deceit
But soon we'll see that this love is all make believe
We'll see that it's all make believe
We'll see
Run for cover
Track Name: X-In
The dreams we hold freshen up the day
Gaining ground while nightmares sleep away

No need to cry when life is perfect
Don't make a fuss it's just not worth it
On and on one day one day
No need to cry when life is perfect
Don't make a fuss unless you're worth it
On and on day by day

Once a long while ago I let loose, you took hold
Blinded by sights of gold stars in your eyes
Can you fill up these hollow sacks spit back the dirty laughs
I've got to take a pass all on my own
All on my own